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The Ins And Outs of How We Do Business

  • How often should I have my solar panels cleaned?
    For the vast majority of our customers one annual maintenance visit covers everything. There are a minority of customers that require bi-annual maintnance, however this is extremely site specific and rare.
  • How do you clean the solar panels?
    We clean each panel by hand with telescoping water fed poles. We do not use pressure washers and we do not use any chemicals. Most solar panel manufactures specifically outline using pressure washing and or chemicals on the panels will void your warranty.
  • Why do I need to clean my solar panels?
    Airborne particulates and especially pollen create an opaque layer on top of your solar panels. This in turn decreases the absorption of sunlight by the silicone cells inside your solar panels. When that happens, the solar array produces less energy and you miss potential earnings.
  • Won't the rain clean them?
    Unfortunantly no. If you leave your car outside in the elements for a year it gets dirty just by being outside. To make the paint shine again you need to clean it. The same concept applies to solar panels.

Billing & Pricing

Maintenance starting at $150 annually 

Payments Accepted

  • Bank Transfers 

  • Cash

  • Check

Cancellation Policy

Our customers are not under contract and free to cancel any time. We're that confident our customers will be satisfied with the results.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We guarantee to take care and clean your solar panels thoroughly, while also keeping an eye out for potential problems in the future. 

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